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Hello Huntsville! Covid-19 is taking its toll on all aspects of life as we’ve known it. Trigon Cyber understands just how hard things have become and wants to show our thanks to those who have been helping our community during this time.

We will be asking for your help again soon in nominating a local group that might benefit from a heartfelt thank you with a small token of appreciation from Trigon Cyber. Ideally, the groups would be those along the front lines such as doctor’s office, administration and staff at a school, janitorial services, retail, etc. We want to give these workers acknowledgement for what they are putting on the line to help our community persevere through this ordeal.  Please keep an eye on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more information.

Periodically, we will randomly select from the names submitted and reach out to them to see how we can best thank them. Maybe they could use a coffee break, cleaning supplies, face masks, or air high-fives. Our goal is to share our support with these groups as often as we can, but with the aim to do this at least once every few months. We may be a small company, but we believe that even a small act of kindness can do a world of good.

Anyone is welcome to nominate groups from the Huntsville/Madison County Metro Area in North Alabama. Help us spread the message of thankfulness, encouragement and hope.

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